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  • CS:GO user finds a genius smoke lineup from CT-Spawn to A-Site on Cache.
  • This lineup will require some amount of practice to master as it is a jump throw that has a lot of mark up positions.

Cache underwent a proper overhaul after being removed from the Active Duty Map Pool in 2019 when it was replaced by Vertigo. Though many expected the map to make a come back in the next map shuffle, they were left a bit disappointed when Ancient was chosen over it as a replacement for Train. This however has not stopped the general player base from playing on the map and discovering new utility lineups, like this incredibly amazing smoke lineup from ‘T Spawn’ to ‘Default Box’ on ‘A-Site’ found by ‘u/InzyBhai’. This smoke has a lot of potential as it can be to be used as a fake or simply to cut the defenders vision from mid.

Genius smoke from T-Spawn to A-Site on Mirage

There has not been a lot of activity around Cache when it comes to discovering new utility lineups, angles, or other gameplay-related stuff in quite some time due to the map losing its importance. The map was taken out of the competitive map pool in 2019 as it required a lot of changes. FMPONE worked hard and delivered a plethora of changes that solved all the pre-existing issues, making the map look more competition ready and polished.

Despite the general player base showing a lot of love to the revamped Cache, somehow Valve did not like this change and pushed Ancient as the map to replace Train. However, a dedicated user has come forward with this genius smoke lineup from ‘T-Spawn’ to ‘Default Box’ on ‘A-Site’.

From the clip above, one can see that this lineup has a lot of potential as it can quickly cut off CT vision towards mid and isolate them right from the start of the round. It can also be used as a mid-round fake making the defenders believe that an attack might be coming toward the ‘A-SIte’.

The only drawback is this is not a straight aim and fire lineup. It does require some amount of practice as it has multiple touch-up points before the final jump throw is delivered. It is unclear if this works for both 64 or 128 tick servers or not, but the smoke in itself is perfect without any peek errors.

The community members appreciated the smoke but due to the unavailability of the map in the professional circuit, they were afraid that the smoke would not be used that much. Irrespective of that even as a casual user, you can always add this to your arsenal and use it as a surprise in a clutch situation or to secure important rounds.

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