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  • Valve releases 3 music kits and 1 sticker capsule for CS:GO in the most recent update.
  • One of the music kits is ‘The Hades Music Kit’ which is a cross-promotion with Supergiant Games, publisher of popular action RPG Hades.
  • The ‘Poorly Drawn Sticker Capsule’ made by HH110011HH and Hoxton was an instant hit among the community members.

Valve dropped a huge surprise for the CS:GO users by adding 3 new music kits along with a new sticker capsule. The 50 MB update brought with it ‘The Hades Music Kit’ as part of a cross-promotion with Supergiant Games, owners of the popular action role-playing game ‘Hades’ which is available on Steam. Apart from this 2 other music kits were also launched for CS:GO – ‘The Lowlife Pack’ by Neck Deep and ‘CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT’ by Scarlxrd, both of these can be purchased in-game. The final drop was a ‘Poorly Drawn Sticker Capsule’, which is actually a collection of poorly drawn stickers made by HH110011HH and Hoxton.

Valve releases 3 music kits for CS:GO

Valve has dropped 3 music kits, 2 of which can be purchased by anyone in-game, while the last one is a promotional music kit that can only be acquired by players that meet certain criteria. The 3 music kits and respective information about them is as follows,

  • ‘The Hades Music Kit’ has been released by Valve for CS:GO and is a cross-promotion with Supergiant Games, the developers of the wildly popular action role-playing game ‘Hades’ which released for Steam on Dec 10, 2019.

    This music kit will only be available to those players that own Hades through Steam and have acquired a total playtime of 5 hours or more, similar to the Halo Music Kit and Half-Life: Alyx Music Kit. Also, this particular music kit is not available in StatTrak. 

Darren Korb – American songwriter and composer who also worked on Hades said the following about the Hades Music Kit, “Sure, you might miss a shot from time to time, but what never misses is this blood-pumping Music Kit straight from the Underworld of Hades, Supergiant’s rogue-like dungeon crawler.”

  • The remaining music kits, ‘The Lowlife Pack’ by Neck Deep and ‘CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT’ by Scarlxrd, can both be purchased in-game. Currently on the Steam Community Market prices for these music kits are as follows,

    The Lowlife Pack – RM22.60 ($5.5 USD)

    The Lowlife Pack (StatTrak) – RM36.20 ($8.8 USD)

    CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT – RM22.60 ($5.5 USD)

    CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT (StatTrak) – RM36.20 ($8.8 USD)
Valve releases a new sticker capsule for CS:GO

Along with the music kits, Valve also dropped a ‘Poorly Drawn Sticker Capsule’ which is legit a collection of shabbily drawn stickers by HH110011HH and Hoxton. Despite their kiddish shape and style, these are quite popular within the community and the developers have always used a similar drawing as the display picture of CS:GO’s official Twitter account.

The capsule consists of the following 10 stickers in both Paper and Holo quality,

  • Poorly Drawn Ava – $0.17 USD | Holo – RM7.10 ($1.73 USD)
  • Poorly Drawn Balkan – $0.17 USD | Holo – RM11.40 ($2.77 USD)
  • Poorly Drawn Bloody Darryl – $0.21 USD | Holo – RM6.30 ($1.53 USD)
  • Poorly Drawn Chicken – $0.46 USD | Holo – RM25.60 ($6.22 USD)
  • Poorly Drawn FBI – $0.19 USD | Holo – RM4.80 ($1.16 USD)
  • Poorly Drawn IDF – $0.16 USD | Holo – RM4.40 ($1.08 USD)
  • Poorly Drawn Leet Crew – $0.17 USD | Holo – RM4.20 ($1.01 USD)
  • Poorly Drawn Number K – $0.28 USD | Holo – RM9.90 ($2.41 USD)
  • Poorly Drawn SAS – $0.17 USD | Holo – RM5.80 ($1.40 USD)
  • Poorly Drawn T – Agent – $0.41 USD | Holo – RM12.70 ($3.10 USD)

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