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  • CS:GO talents JustHarry and launders point out several problems with CS:GO matchmaking system.
  • Astralis rifler Bubzkji adds on by criticizing Valve for neglecting several CS:GO game modes like KZ, Surf, Bhop and more.
  • The majority of the users seemed to agree with the issues pointed out by the three CS:GO personalities.

CS:GO players and talents have pointed out several problems with the current state of matchmaking, that negatively impacts the game and greatly diminishes the user experience. On 25 April, British caster Harry “JustHarry” Russell shared his CS:GO matchmaking experience with the community, summarizing what nearly every player goes through on a daily basis. He labelled his three-game session as “hack vs hack” because apparently, 6 out of the 10 players on the server were cheating. Canadian caster Mohan “launders” Govindasamy was quick to point out several more problems with CS:GO matchmaking, while Lucas “Bubzkji” Andersen criticised Valve for neglecting some of the community game modes.

Problems with CS:GO matchmaking

Following JustHarry’s comments on CS:GO matchmaking, launders came forth to list out several problems with the current system in place. Though most of the points were his own opinions, the majority of the community members seem to agree with them. 

Launders also mentioned that Valve had been briefed about these problems personally, as he had written an email to them at ‘’. Here are some of the most hard-hitting issues that he had pointed out,

  • It is very hard to create a server with friends in CS:GO due to the feature being heavily bugged. Making tit quite a task to enjoy a simple 1v1 match or practice session.
  • There is no way to host a 5v5 scrim match on official Valve 128-tick servers using in-game tools.
  • The regular 64-tick matchmaking is highly unreliable due to the frequency and consistency of cheaters.
  • CS:GO needs to be restarted every time when switching between ‘Death Match’ and ‘Aim Botz’ after having joined a workshop map or a community server.
  • Multiple useful third-party applications like OBS, Game Capture, and more not working in ‘Trusted Mode’ is miserable.

He went on to compare CS:GO with other top esports titles like Dota 2, LoL, Valorant, and more saying that “apart from players being awful people, their systems work and you can play the game”. Some other suggestions included introducing utility practice options, introducing new maps to the game, and Valve acknowledging that things need to be improved.

Valve neglecting other CS:GO game modes

Bubzkji chimed in to offer some additional improvements that Valve can implement so that new players can learn about other unofficial game modes, that are an integral part of the CS:GO ecosystem. His first suggestion was the implementation of ‘Server Tags’, which would allow players to find out about interesting game modes like ‘KZ’, ‘Surf’, ‘Bhop’, and more.

The second suggestion was the introduction of an in-game guide, to help new players figure out everything about the client and the game. This would help them get a hang of everything right from the beginning while helping them explore whatever they like more freely.

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