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  • Olofmeister in his 29 April Twitch stream spoke about returning to compete once again, having made a decision during his break.
  • The Swede revealed that he had received a few offers right after stepping down from FaZe Clan but he had declined all of them.
  • His priority is coming back and competing in CS:GO if he receives a good offer, otherwise a switch to Valorant might also be on the cards.

Swedish CS:GO legend Olof “olofmeister” Gustafsson was witnessed streaming Valorant via his Twitch channel yesterday on 29 April, after more than 3 years. During his stream, the 29-year-old spoke about returning to competing once again after having taken a two-month break from professional Counter-Strike. Olofmeister was last seen in action at the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021 and is currently an inactive player on FaZe Clan’s bench. The two-time Major winner is quite clear on what he wants to do going ahead, as he says that “I have a lot to offer but I want to be in a team where I feel like, I believe in it and just like not play for the sake of playing in it”.

Olofmeister has decided to compete once again

This is huge news for the CS:GO community who were left in a dilemma when olofmeister had stepped down from FaZe Clan’s active roster. At that moment, olofmeister had said that “I have retirement in my mind but I haven’t decided on anything yet”. This was followed by him making another comment as part of his farewell letter to FaZe Clan, where he had said that “I am going to take some time off to recuperate and think about my future”.

It seems the Swede has made his decision and is now ready to bounce back into action, as he spoke about the same during his recent Twitch stream, following a question from one of his viewers. Olofmeister revealed that he indeed got a “few offers in the start,” right after stepping down from FaZe Clan, but he declined all of them because “I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t want to do anything when I didn’t know”.

Olofmeister went on to speak about his current mindset saying that “I have to say that, I actually want to compete. I like to compete too much. I had offers from both (CS:GO and Valorant) but I didn’t know what to do before, but now I have decided to compete.”

Speaking exclusively about competing in Valorant, Olofmeister did not turn it down or put it off the table. He simply said, “I don’t know, it depends on what offers I get in CS:GO”. This basically means that the experienced rifler is ready to stay put if he gets a good offer which he believes in. Otherwise, he is ready and prepared to switch over and compete in Valorant.

Olofmeister had joined FaZe Clan back in 2017 and despite going inactive 3 times in the past the Swede had always returned. This time however he has said his final goodbye’s to the organization, bidding them a farewell. But wherever he goes next there will be quite a price tag on his buyout amount, which might a big factor when it comes to signing the star rifler.

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