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Despite being the ever-present in FaZe Clan’s professional CS:GO roster, NiKo’s career has perhaps not had as many trophies as would be expected of a man of his talent. Here, we take a look at one question – are FaZe Clan asking too much of their star man?

NiKo has now spent over three and a half years on FaZe Clan’s roster, achieving a fair amount of success. Recent placements have been consistent if unspectacular, with 3rds at BLAST Premier Spring, DreamHack Master Spring, and Road to Rio’s EU tournament.

The placements are by no means bad, but they are not at the same dizzying heights we witnessed back in 2017 and 2018 when FaZe Clan put together wins at a host of S-Tier events, including victories over the powerhouses of Natus Vincere and Astralis.

Here, we take a look at NiKo’s time on FaZe Clan and prior to joining the esteemed organization, and ask the question of whether his inherent talent has led to his teammates and fans asking too much of him.

Regardless of how talented one member is, professional CS:GO has proven time and time again that only a cohesive roster can create a dynasty. See Astralis for this one.

Only time will tell whether NiKo can find himself on a roster capable of emulating their dynasty.

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