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  • A new critical CS:GO exploit has been spotted which allows players to enable Wallhack on official Valve servers.
  • This comes just weeks after a bizarre Wallhack bug was spotted in CS:GO that allowed players to Wallhack using the C4.
  • Hope Valve takes action against both these Wallhack problems as soon as possible before they become a real menace.

A new exploit has been found in CS:GO that allows players to see through walls and other solid objects, simply bypassing the ‘Trusted Mode’ with a few system side tweaks. Valve has recently been doing everything right when it comes to CS:GO, taking the community by surprise who gladly accepted this welcome change. It started with Valve segregating the overall player base by introducing the Prime and Non-Prime Status, which has been quite effective in combating the onslaught of cheaters plaguing the matchmaking system so far. This was followed by the developers banning more than 10,000 CS:GO accounts belonging to boosters and botters.

Despite doing everything right, CS:GO has once again faced a critical problem. An exploit which is quite easy to replicate and requires Valve’s immediate attention, to solve it as soon as possible.

New Wallhack Exploit Detected in CS:GO

A critical CS:GO exploit has been discovered which allows players to Wallhack in CS:GO simply by avoiding the ‘Trusted Mode’. This bug can be replicated quite easily if the user follows the step as pointed out in the video below. Officially this exploit is being referred to as the ‘New “OneByte” ANSI 32-Bit AutoHotkey Wallhack Exploit’, which was recently discovered and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

As per ‘Gabe Follower’ who seems to have discovered this critical exploit, by following the steps above the user simply enables ‘cl_drawothermodels’ on any official Valve server, changing one memory byte that is using the anticheat whitelist program and hence activating the Wallhack exploit.

Now, once the user opens CS:GO and runs the game, be it on official Valve servers playing competitive matchmaking, a community server, or even the latest unranked game mode, the enabled cheat will run without fail no matter what. That VAC will not be able to detect this exploit as it is being used by manipulating the system and game files, making it quite safe to be used while giving unrestricted vision through any and all solid surfaces.

Valve would need to take a look at this issue and fix it as soon as possible, before the entire CS:GO community gets to know about this exploit. A similar bizarre Wallhack bug was discovered in the game just a few weeks ago, where players were able to view enemy players through solid objects if players viewed their location through the yellow blinking light present on the C4.

This was a wild bug which was first discovered and reported in August 2020 but went unnoticed, before surfacing online once again just last month. So far Valve has not been able to fix this issue, hopefully the developers start taking action against these instances of Wallhack problems before they get out of hand.

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