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Legendary Counter-Strike players NEO and TaZ will reunite on HONORIS, a new Polish organization created by them, the team announced today.

The veterans will team up with three Polish players: Daniel “STOMP” Płomiński and the newcomers Kamil “reiko” Cegiełko and Wojciech “Prism” Zięba.

TaZ and NEO have been inactive since January when they played their last matches for ARCY. In February, they announced that they were looking to recruit players for a new team.

The duo played together from 2004 and 2018 and formed one of the greatest Counter-Strike partnerships of all time, winning several big tournaments, including the EMS One Katowice Major in March 2014 under the Virtus Pro banner.

NEO and TaZ split for the first time in February 2018 after TaZ was benched by VP following a streak of bad results. NEO, on the other hand, left VP in December 2018 and had a short stint with FaZe Clan in 2019.

TaZ said he hasn’t been lucky enough to stay with an organization for a long time after he left VP in 2018. Although he’s 33-years old, he still wants to compete at the highest level. The veteran, however, wanted to do it on his own terms and didn’t believe any organization would support him in that sense.

“Creating our own esports “home” with Filip [NEO] we can be sure that we will have the last word. We’re also very excited about cooperating with Red Bull,” TaZ said.

NEO said that they’ve gone through good and bad moments, but their relationship has been strengthened. “We also have common sports ambitions so that we want to continue playing, but also to share our experience with younger gamers, which is one of the most important goals of HONORIS,” NEO said.

HONORIS hasn’t revealed a date for its debut yet. The new Polish team will have to start from the ground up, playing in minor leagues and tournaments and open qualifiers to have better opportunities in the future.

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