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The Ukrainian CS:GO star s1mple has showed once again why he’s considered one of the best players to ever touch the game.

The 22-year old shattered MAD Lions’ gameplan today at DreamHack Masters Spring Europe’s lower bracket round three. S1mple led Natus Vincere in Mirage, the first map of the series, with 37 kills and only eight deaths. These numbers by themselves would already be outrageously good, but s1mple’s performance was even more impressive because he did it in only 21 rounds.

Na`Vi won Mirage 16-5, which was MAD Lions’ map pick. S1mple had just 10 kills fewer than the whole MAD Lions squad combined, finished with a 2.77 rating, and averaged 158.5 damage per round.

S1mple didn’t slow down whatsoever as the series moved to Overpass. S1mple didn’t pull another godlike performance, but he still got 24 kills, just one less than electronic, to help Na`Vi defeat MAD Lions 16-7 and eliminate the Danes from DreamHack Masters Spring Europe.

The Ukrainian star, however, once again led in damage-per-round, averaging 105.6, meaning that he caused more than enough damage to frag one MAD Lions’ player per round.

This might be the performance that Na`Vi needed to gather some momentum. The CIS powerhouse won IEM Katowice in February, the last big LAN CS:GO tournament before the coronavirus pandemic forced tournament organizers to switch to online play.

Na`Vi grabbed a top-four at ESL Pro League season 11 Europe in April and was shamefully eliminated in the early stages of ESL One: Road to Rio CIS, the first Regional Major Ranking (RMR) tournament for the ESL One Rio Major in November.

We’ll see if s1mple and Na`Vi can replicate today’s game in some sorts tomorrow against either FaZe Clan or NiP.

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