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Mousesports beat Astralis 2-0 today at the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Europe’s playoffs, eliminating the Danes from the CS:GO tournament.

The international team led by karrigan showed all of their firepower against Astralis. The Danish powerhouse have lost four of their five matches since Xyp9x stepped down due to health issues and was replaced by Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer. Astralis are also playing without gla1ve, who went on medical leave earlier than Xyp9x and is being replaced by Jakob “JUGi” Hansen.

Astralis picked Overpass for the first match, a map that mousesports has been recently struggling on. Mousesports, however, seemed prepared for it and dismantled Astralis’ defense, winning the first half 11-4. The Danes fought their way into overtime, but in the end, mousesports made the correct adjustments to win 19-15.

Train was a totally different story, though. Mousesports once again started out hot, winning the first half 10-5 on their T-side. But they didn’t concede a single round to Astralis in their CT-side and the Danes looked out of sync. Ropz was definitely the best player in the series. The Estonian had 53 frags and only 23 deaths.

Astralis’ players have been more active on social media than usual during this period of uncertainty. After dupreeh and device posted comments earlier this week, it was Magisk’s turn today, the 22-year-old who reportedly took over the in-game leadership during gla1ve’s absence.

“To the true fans, thank you, it will be better” Magisk said. “Always easy to make fun or troll when we are in a difficult situation. But everytime people doubt us, we have a tendency.”

As for Astralis, the Danes will only have to play at DreamHack Masters Spring Europe with this current lineup. Astralis has decided to sit out from cs_summit six because they’d lose too many Regional Major Ranking points due to their lineup changes.

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