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The woes of mousesports continue as the team ranked fourth in the world suffered a straightforward loss to Complexity in DreamHack Masters Spring – Europe.

Following a disappointing 13-14th finish in ESL One: Road to Rio – Europe, mousesports looked towards the RM1.1 million $250,000 DreamHack Masters Spring as a chance to bounce back to winning ways. Facing Complexity (ranked 23rd) in the opening match was a good opportunity to do so, but the European mixture was outclassed by their European-American opponents who took a 2-0 victory.

Complexity were off to a perfect start on their map pick, Inferno, sprinting off to a 6-0 lead on the offensive side. Özgür “woxic” Eker got mousesports on the board with an AWP triple, but Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke managed to one-up that with a quad kill in the next round, making it 7-1. After some back and forth, mousesports found themselves 9-3 down, but as Robin “ropz” Kool started locking things down, they managed to claim six rounds before the switch.

With the pistol round going their way, as well as the subsequent anti-ecos, Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s men swiftly bounce back from 9-3 to a tied scoreline at 9-9. However, that is where their real issues started as Valentin “poizon” Vasilev, who secured just three kills in the first half, started coming online. The AWPer was constantly picking off mousesports players early, helping Complexity chain seven rifle rounds in a row to win Inferno 16-9.

David “frozen” Čerňanský’s entry on the T-side pistol was canceled out by Owen “oBo” Schlatter, who got Complexity into the lead with a USP-S ace on the retake. As the score was 5-2, ropz won a round for his team from a disadvantageous situation, but mousesports weren’t able to break Complexity’s economy despite the constant back and forth (8-3). Then, ropz stepped up again, clutching a 1v4 on B with just a Deagle to grab momentum for his side.

mousesports were trailing three rounds after the switch and claimed the CT pistol, but Complexity’s force buy win took the wind out of their sails. As their opponents struggled to put together solid buys, Complexity went on a strong run on the offensive side, losing just one rifle round — to a ropz ninja defuse — before closing out the map 16-8.

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