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Mousesports announced the signing of new CSGO in-game leader (IGL) Christopher ‘dexter’ Nong amid speculation of Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen’s return to FaZe Clan.

Mouz sign Renegades IGL

Mouz have signed the former Renegade leader who had a stellar 2020 with Renegades in the Oceanic circuit. Dexter is expected to fill the IGL role for his new team as soon as the IEM Katowice.

Dexter already arrived to mouz HQ in Hamburg, Germany practicing with the squad. The rest of the team remain intact with stars Robin ‘ropz’ Kool and David ‘frozen’ Čerňanský in the lineup.

Karrigan to FaZe confirmed?

Karrigan’s contract with FaZe Clan is reportedly up in March. Even before today’s announcement, the 30-year-old IGL has been linked to a FaZe Clan return.

FaZe have been in the market for a proper IGL even before the departure of Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac, and are said to be interested in reuniting with karrigan.

With Dexter’s new signing, mouz already have a replacement for the Danish-German veteran should he choose to make the switch back to FaZe.

Mousesports CSGO roster
Christopher ‘dexter’ NongIGL
Frederik ‘acoR’ GyldstrandAWPer
Aurimas ‘Bymas’ PipirasRifler
David ‘frozen’ ČerňanskýRifler (entry fragger)
Robin ‘ropz’ KoolRifler (lurker)

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