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An intense 97-round best-of-three saw MIBR narrowly prevail over Evil Geniuses to advance to the BLAST Premier Spring 2020 Americas Finals.

MIBR maintained momentum from their performance against Cloud9 on Friday as they prevailed in a tense three-map series over EG, narrowly falling on Train before edging out victories on Inferno and Dust2. Alencar “trk” Rossato was the shining beacon for the Brazilian roster on the latter two maps, finding critical multi-kill rounds to keep his team in the running against a strong showing from Tsvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov.

The win puts MIBR in the finals of BLAST Premier Spring Americas alongside Liquid and FURIA, with the final team set to be determined through a third-place decider match between EG and Gen.G on Sunday.

MIBR kicked things off on the offensive end of their map pick, Train, taking three in a row before an AWP triple kill from CeRq got Evil Geniuses on the board. Subsequent multi-kill rounds from Tarik “tarik” Celik and Ethan “Ethan” Arnold aided EG in their effort to fight back for four, with the two teams trading blows in the latter portion of the half as MIBR narrowly pulled ahead 8-7 at the break.

Three frags from Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo was not enough for MIBR to retake the B bombsite in the second pistol round, with EG using the momentum from the victory to add another three to their tally, 10-8. Again, the two teams fought for control, trading frags in the outer bombsite round after round, but it was MIBR who claimed match point first at 15-13 thanks to double kills from trk and Epitacio “TACO” de Melo. Not to be outdone, the EG roster found their footing to force overtime, where Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte, Ethan, and CeRq combined to lock the Brazilian side out of the map by taking four rounds straight to close things out.

FalleN’s troops were quick to bounce back on Inferno, making up for a pistol round loss with a force-buy to pull ahead 7-2. Entry picks from CeRq’s AWP proved crucial as Evil Geniuses engaged in another back-and-forth brawl for rounds against the Brazilians, but this time multi-kills from trk and FalleN kept MIBR ahead 9-6 as they made the swap to the T side.

A B site attack awarded MIBR with a win in the second half pistol, but they were quickly faced with the same fate they dealt to EG in the first half as a force-buy from Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz’s men put them in control. Triple kill rounds from tarik and Ethan allowed EG to rapidly close the gap between them and MIBR, briefly gaining the lead at 13-11 before trk found three to get his team back in the running. stanislaw then denied trk a 1vs4 ace clutch to put EG on match point first, but in identical fashion to Train, MIBR took two rounds to force overtime, where they reigned supreme with a clean sweep to force a Dust2 decider.

MIBR also suffered the curse of second round losses as their pistol victory was immediately responded to by a fast B site hit from stanislaw’s side, two ensuing conversions putting them ahead 12-7 before MIBR were able to respond. Crucial multi-kill rounds from trk combined with the AWPs of FalleN and Vito “kNgV-” Giuseppe gave the Brazilians momentum, shutting down an ace attempt from tarik to take six rounds straight. EG finally broke through with a single round of their own, but MIBR wasted little time in answering back as FalleN closed things out with four frags on the AWP for a 16-13 win.

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