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MIBR claimed revenge over FURIA after falling to them in DreamHack Masters Spring, opening Group A of BLAST Premier Spring Americas Showdown with a 16-13 victory on Inferno.

MIBR finally put a halt to their dismal track record against their Brazilian countrymen from FURIA, to whom they had lost their last seven match-ups, by narrowly securing a 16-13 victory on Inferno to kick off their BLAST Premier Spring Americas Showdown campaign.

The mind games between the two sides began here as a battle for map control unfolded, FURIA’s relentless aggression and MIBR’s slow pace resulting in uncommon rotates and bombsite stacks as the teams made an attempt to outwit one another. It was MIBR who initially emerged as the victors of the back-and-forth thanks to stellar rifling and entry kills from kNgV-, gaining ground as they won seven of the ensuing eight rounds to pull ahead, 7-5. HEN1’s AWP and multi-kills from Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato and arT allowed FURIA to stabilize towards the closing portion of the first half, grabbing three final rounds to narrowly pull ahead heading into the side swap.

MIBR immediately evened the score as they took the second pistol for themselves, defending against FURIA’s force to push up to 10-8. A hero AK buy almost gave arT’s men an early round win as they found two opening picks in round 18, but a quad kill solo site defense from trk kept MIBR in control. FURIA’s fate then took a grim turn as an AWP ace from kNgV- was followed up by a triple kill and 1vs1 win from Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, putting MIBR ahead 12-8 before a fast B push gave FURIA their ninth.

Double kills from trk and FalleN swung momentum back in the favour of MIBR, putting them moments away from closing the game, but HEN1 refused to concede as he found three frags to give FURIA a fighting chance. A comeback seemed in the cards as KSCERATO and company clawed back three rounds to tie the match, 13-13, but MIBR tightened up their defense to take the remaining rounds and narrowly edge out the win.

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