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Liquid and 100 Thieves will participate in a showmatch to help unite gamers in the fight against Covid-19.

The two sides will be the sole representation for North America in the tournament, with the winner of the best-of-three showmatch securing RM653 k ($150,000) for a charity of their choice and the runner-up deciding the recipient of their RM435 k ($100,000) prize.

The showmatch is part of the RM43.5 Million ($10 million) Gamers Without Borders initiative, a series of tournaments aimed towards helping “one of many international charities fighting on the front-line against the spread of coronavirus.”

In Europe, the likes of FaZe, G2, and Natus Vincere are among the six teams who will take part in a three-day tournament produced by ESL from May 29-31, with the winner earning RM3.2 Million ($750,000) for a charity of their choice.

Teams will battle through best-of-three matches en route to the grand final, which will play out as a best-of-five. Notably, the tournament will experiment with the implementation of Max Rounds 12 (MR12), meaning the first team to 13 rounds will be the winner. The reduced length of matches has been a subject of discussion lately.

The $2 million prize pool will be broken down as follows:


  1. RM3.2 Million ($750,000)
  2. RM2.1 Million ($500,000)
  3. RM653 k ($150,000)
  4. RM653 k ($150,000)
  5. RM435 k ($100,000)
  6. RM435 k ($100,000)

North America:

  1. RM653 k ($150,000)
  2. RM435 k ($100,000)

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