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Valve released a new CSGO patch, but although it’s small, it contains subtle references in the code that suggest a potential Overpass remake could be in the works.

CSGO maps are the pride and joy of the community. Everyone has their favorites, and not all of them are perfect. But for the most part, they’re all carefully calculated to be balanced and competitive.

Overpass isn’t a classic like Dust II. It released in the 2013 Winter Offensive update, along with Cobblestone. It’s also not as well-rounded as Mirage or Inferno. However, it’s still considered to be one of the better maps.

It pits players against each other on a canal overpass and the area around it in Berlin, Germany. The Counter-Terrorists need to protect a military shipment on the overpass. At the same time, the Terrorists need to either attack the shipment head-on or destroy the overpass by bombing a pillar below.

Now, it looks like the popular map is going to get a remake. Valve just released a new patch, and a Reddit user named EVAD3 pointed out there’s “a healthy amount of references” to an Overpass remake in the code.

He shared two screenshots to support his claims. The first one references everything from bricks, ceilings, and concrete, to fences, floors, and walls. The second goes a step further and includes the actual models themselves.

Keep in mind, though, that nothing is confirmed until Valve makes the news official. However, the signs are promising, and the evidence is there.

If an Overpass remake does come to fruition, it’s probably still a while away. But CSGO players are always eager to jump into new maps, as well as remakes of old favorites; it helps keep the game fresh.

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