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After being hit with cheating accusations from his own CS:GO idols, Robin ‘Ropz’ Kool cemented himself as a superstar for mousesports, and a player who many think will go down as one of the best in Counter-Strike history.

Ropz has been on the Mouz CS:GO team his entire pro career, but how long will he stay? After claiming a top 10 spot in HLTV’s 2020 CSGO rankings, and with the potential to climb even higher, Ropz has become one of the most sought-after names in the Counter-Strike scene.

While Mousesports have had a tough year in 2021, and there were even rumors that Ropz would end up on another team, things seem to be looking up after a huge Flashpoint Season 3 victory. Will Ropz stick it out with Mouz, or take the next step in his prestigious CS:GO career?

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