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Gen.G have bested FURIA in a three-map series in the grand final of ESL One: Road to Rio to top North America division.

FURIA stepped foot into the grand final after ruthlessly advancing their way through Group B and the playoffs of ESL One: Road to Rio – North America, dropping just two maps in the process. There, the Brazilian squad faced a Gen.G side they had failed to defeat in two attempts, with their previous loss coming in the DreamHack Open Anaheim grand finals.

Gen.G, who booked their place in the grand finals after taking down Cloud9 in a rematch of their group stage clash, stormed their way to a 1-0 start in the series after blowing FURIA out of the water on Train. The Brazilians replied on their map pick of Vertigo, but it was the North Americans who came out on top after Inferno concluded, with Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand spearheading Gen.G to victory.

The matchup kicked off on Gen.G’s map pick of Train, where the North American squad earned an early 3-0 lead on the Terrorist side, but FURIA soon answered back with a three-round streak of their own to tie the score. Five of the following six rounds went in Gen.G’s favour before an outstanding quad kill from Yuri “yuurih” Santos briefly stopped Gen.G in their tracks. FURIA pressed on to lock down another round on the defence, but Damian “daps” Steele’s troops found success once more prior to the halftime switch to end the offensive side with a 9-6 advantage.

A flawless defence followed from Gen.G, who stormed their way to a 16-6 map win without dropping a single round in the second half to head into FURIA’s map pick of Vertigo brimming with confidence.

Gen.G continued their pistol round dominance on Vertigo as a Timothy “autimatic” Ta triple kill allowed for the North American team to begin the map with a strong 6-1 start, but with the half looking like it would completely slip away from FURIA, the Brazilian squad found great success in their A site hits. Significant opening kills and tactical post-plants enabled Andrei “arT” Piovezan and co. to chip away at the Gen.G lead, eventually closing out the half in front, 8-7.

FURIA came out of the break hot as they secured their first pistol round of the series to kick off the defence. yuurih and Henrique “HEN1” Teles found numerous multi-kills between them to launch the Brazilians further into the lead, with a 15-10 scoreline swiftly materialising. Gen.G gradually began to work their way back into the match with two rounds, but a phenomenal AWP ace from arT shut down any attempt of a comeback to close out the map and level the series.

Inferno played host to the decider, where FURIA managed to keep the ball rolling from the previous map to attain a 4-0 lead on the T side. The two teams then traded rounds back and forth before Gen.G’s finances stabilised to allow the North American squad to stamp their authority on the half and reach the midway point with a 9-6 advantage.

A BnTeT triple kill opened up Gen.G’s offence positively as an 11-6 score soon transpired, but an anti-eco victory from FURIA followed by two additional rounds kept the Brazilians on the North American’s heels. However, three consecutive clutches at the hands of daps and Kenneth “koosta” Suen gave Gen.G the nudge they needed to close the map out and the series to win ESL One: Road to Rio – North America and earn 1600 RMR points towards the Rio Major.

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