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FURIA are through to the upper bracket semi-finals in DreamHack Masters Spring’s North American division after besting Chaos 2-1 in their final group match.

FURIA extended their winning start in the online tournament to end the group stage with a perfect nine points, but the big winner of the night was MIBR, who have their Brazilian rival to thank for their playoff qualification, which hinged on the outcome of this match. Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo’s side and Liquid will advance to the lower side of the double-elimination bracket following a three-way tie with Chaos, who had the worst map difference in the matches between the trio.

Chasing a playoff spot, Joshua “steel” Nissan’s troops gave FURIA a run for their money, taking the series to a third map after winning their opponents’ map pick with a stunning display from Anthony “vanity” Malaspina. But they fell flat in the end as the Brazilians reigned supreme on Overpass on a night when Yuri “yuurih” Santos stole the show with four 1vsX situations won and a series-high 1.32 rating.

A 1v5 ace clutch by Erick “Xeppaa” Bach in the opening round set the tone for what would be a keenly-contested first half of Inferno. After getting on the board on the back of a 1v2 clutch by yuurih, FURIA looked set to run away with the lead as they put together a string of rounds, but Chaos came fighting back towards the end of the half, with only one round separating the two sides at the break.

FURIA’s star duo of Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato and yuurih came alive in the second half to carry the team over the finish line. Rounds went both ways in the early stages of the half, but then the Brazilians shifted into a higher gear and ran all over the Chaos defense en-route to a swift victory.

The Brazilians came out with all guns blazing on Nuke, cruising to a 10-5 lead with a dominant offensive display. Key rounds from Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredo in the second half put FURIA closer to victory, but vanity came alive to rescue Chaos, who locked down the map in overtime after wasting two map points in regulation.

Jonathan “Jonji” Carey and Xeppaa kept the scoreline respectable in the first half of Overpass, but the landscape of the game changed dramatically after the break. yuurih once again led the charge for the team on the offense, picking up a 2.18 rating and averaging over 130 damage per round as FURIA broke through Chaos’s defense with ease and put the game away early.

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