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KRIMZ stayed completely away from CS:GO during break.

  • Fnatic rifler, KRIMZ talks about his time away from the competitive CS:GO circuit, his first time playing on an international roster, and more.
  • KRIMZ did not touch CS:GO during the break and had even sold all his skins so that he does not get tempted to return to the game.
  • KRIMZ will be seen in action along with Fnatic at the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 14, as they go up against Na’Vi in their opening match.

Two times CS:GO Major champion, Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson continues to play on the Fnatic lineup, despite the roster undergoing a major overhaul from a completely Swedish roster to an international lineup. Fnatic was last seen in action more than 80 days ago at IEM Summer 2021, following which KRIMZ took complete time off from playing Counter-Strike and even sold all his CS:GO skins to avoid temptation, as stated by the 27-year-old in an interview with Expressen.

KRIMZ spoke about a lot of other things like his experience being on an international CS:GO roster for the first time, departure of Jesper “JW” Wecksell, what keeps him motivated, and his expectations from the ongoing ESL Pro League Season 14.

KRIMZ talks about what he did during the long break

Fnatic recently underwent a complete overhaul after a long string of poor performances. The organization bid farewell to its Swedish lineup and instead adopted an international roster, which witnessed the departure of JW and Maikil “Golden” Selim.

KRIMZ, while speaking about their departure in the interview with Expressen, said that he did feel sad but things needed to change for the better.

It was extremely frustrating, we did not know what to do. We tested everything that you can think of, but nothing went in our favor. When you enter that track, it only becomes a dark downwards spiral.

In his time away from the competitive circuit, KRIMZ revealed that he did not even touch Counter-Strike and also sold all his CS:GO skins, so that he would not be tempted to play the game.

However, having resumed training with the new lineup for three weeks now, and to prepare for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 14, a few new skins have been bought by the Swedish rifler once again.

Speaking about his first time playing as part of an international roster, KRIMZ confessed that it is more difficult to communicate in English when compared to Swedish, but he is constantly working on improving himself.

Going into the ESL Pro League, where the team is scheduled to go up against Na’Vi in their opening match on 27th August, KRIMZ, despite keeping realistic expectations, still wants to at least qualify for the playoffs.

Finally, commenting on him still being motivated to compete, KRIMZ responded by saying that he is into esports for competing and not for streaming on Twitch and other such stuff.

I love to compete, this has become clear to me. The motivation has come back, now I just have to drive and do what I can to develop the team.

It will be interesting to see how Fnatic performs in the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 14, with their international roster’s debut set to take place against a stacked opposition.

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