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MIBR picked up their first victory in Group A as they beat Chaos in quick fashion to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The Brazilian team bounced back from Wednesday’s defeat to FURIA on Alencar “trk” Rossato’s debut and picked up a morale-boosting victory to move up to second in the group ahead of Saturday’s crucial match against Liquid.

The Brazilians were wary of the threat posed by Chaos, who had stunned Liquid in their first match. Erick “Xeppaa” Bach, who had finished Wednesday‘s series with a 1.32 rating, once again led the charge for his team, but there was no stopping MIBR’s key players, especially Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, who delivered a vintage performance on both maps.

Things initially looked bleak for MIBR, who found themselves trailing their opponents by 0-4 on the T side of Mirage, Chaos’ map pick. But then a 1v2 clutch by fer then finally put the team on the board and set the tone for the rest of the half. He racked up 19 kills as the Brazilians kept a tight and compact defense to go into the break with a narrow 8-7 lead.

The early stages of the second half were played at a high intensity, with rounds going both ways as the teams struggled to stamp their authority on the game. Logan “Voltage” Long and Joshua “steel” Nissan then did well to keep MIBR’s players at bay with a double AWP setup, but Chaos’ respite was short-lived as fer and Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo took the team over the finish line in the final rounds.

On Dust2, Chaos once came out the livelier of the two sides as they picked up a 3-0 lead on the CT side. The landscape of the game changed once MIBR had money in the bank, though, with the Brazilians eventually taking the lead on the back of a fantastic quad-kill from FalleN that included a 1v2 clutch.

fer continued his red-hot form, powering MIBR to a 9-6 advantage with 17 frags to his name, and he sent his team further into the lead with three stunning kills in the following pistol. Chaos enjoyed a brief spell of dominance after buying up, bringing the deficit to 13-10, but MIBR would not let a comeback happen and wrapped things up in the 26th round after trk had put the team on series point with a trio of frags.

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