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The North American giants won their second consecutive tournament after brushing their opponents aside in just two maps.

Evil Geniuses won the North American cs_summit 6 tournament, the summer Regional Major Ranking (RMR) competition, after beating Gen.G in the best-of-five grand final in quick fashion. The BLAST Premier American champions took advantage of their 1-0 map lead due to coming from the upper bracket and repeated their performance from the opening round of the playoffs against a Gen.G side that looked below-par on their map pick of Train, a map that had ended 16-14 in Thursday’s encounter.

To their credit, Gen.G showed tremendous fighting on Inferno, recovering from a 0-9 start only to fall at the final hurdle. With this victory, Evil Geniuses made it four wins in a row without losing a single map, confirming their status as the undisputed No.1 team in North America heading into the player break.

With Inferno being Evil Geniuses’ best map, Gen.G placed all their hopes on a Train pick, knowing that a loss on the opening map would put them on the brink of defeat. Things initially looked up for them as they hopped out to a 3-0 lead after a fast inner site execute in the pistol round, but then EG took over. Tsvetelin “⁠CeRq⁠” Dimitrov and Vincent “⁠Brehze⁠” Cayonte combined for 35 frags as Peter “⁠stanislaw⁠” Jarguz’s troops put up a flawless defensive display in gun rounds to head into the break comfortably.

More misery was to come for Gen.G, who were run over in the ensuing pistol round. CeRq continued his dominance in the second half as he picked up three key frags in the first full gun round, breaking Gen.G’s spirits and setting his team up for an easy victory.

Evil Geniuses were in no mood to take pity on their stunned opponents and raced to a 9-0 lead on the T side of Inferno. Gen.G finally woke up and put some rounds together, but as the half came to an end they knew they had a mountain to climb to overcome a seven-round deficit.

Gen.G came out of the break looking a different side and pinned EG’s players against the ropes, bringing the deficit to a solitary round after winning seven rounds without response. The rest of the game was played at a frantic pace as neither side managed to get a grip on proceedings, but a comeback was not to be as EG tightened up every time that things got too crazy and put the game to bed with a banana push that caught their opponents off-guard.

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