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  • Evil Geniuses’ CEO has come forward to publicly clarify that the North American organization is not leaving CS:GO.
  • Evil Geniuses is preparing to open a remote training facility in Europe to better support the CS:GO players.
  • EG will be seen in action next at the ESL Pro League Season 13 where they will take on Astralis in their opening match.

Evil Geniuses CEO – Nicole LaPointe Jameson has come forward to state that “EG is not leaving CS:GO,” laying all the rumours about the North American organization wanting to exit the esports title to rest. For quite some time, rumours had been doing the rounds that EG is looking to pull out of competitive Counter-Strike once again, following the departure of Ethan “Ethan” Arnold who retired from CS:GO to pursue a career in Valorant with 100 Thieves. These speculations became a serious concern for many community members, especially the fans. So, Nicole had to step in to once again clarify EG’s stance by stating that, “For like maybe the 5th time… EG is not leaving CSGO, we are actually investing more in our players and the scene”.

Evil Geniuses to continue competing in CS:GO

Evil Geniuses had returned to competing in Counter-Strike in Sep 2019, seven years after shutting down its operations in 2012. Back then EG used to compete in CS 1.6 but shut down several months before making the transition to CS:GO, until they acquired the complete CS:GO roster of NRG Esports. 

Now, a little more than 1.5 years down the line rumours started to pop up that the North American organization was once again ready to pack it all up. The community alleges that it was Australian CS:GO talent Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill who first said something about EG possibly leaving the title, this was followed by esports journalists Richard Lewis and Thorin also talking about the organization’s departure in their podcast – By The Numbers.

These speculations were adding fuel to the fire and many in the community started believing that another big NA esports org was ready to leave CS:GO. But that is not the case, as EG’s CEO came forward and straight-up said that EG has no plans of leaving CS:GO, instead they are actually investing even more in their players.

EG to open a training facility in Europe

Nicole revealed that EG is currently planning on establishing a remote training centre in Europe, a facility that would aid their CS:GO players and better support them when it comes to competing in the region. The fact that EG recently signed the 17-year-old former Complexity rifler Owen “oBo” Schlatter to their lineup, goes on to show that they want to improve and continue competing.

Details about the training facility have not been revealed so far and according to the information available, it seems that the preparations are still underway. Evil Geniuses will be seen in action along with their new roster at the currently ongoing ESL Pro League Season 13, where they have been placed in ‘Group-D’. Their first match is scheduled to take place on 25 March against Astralis.

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