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DreamHack will host online CS:GO tournaments in Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania with a combined RM1.3 Million ($300,000) prize pool, the tournament organizer announced today.

Earlier this month, DreamHack said that its Open stops in Montreal, Valencia, and Hyderabad would be switched to online play due to the coronavirus pandemic. But today, DreamHack revealed that the Montreal event will be transformed in DreamHack Open Summer North America, Valencia will become DreamHack Open Summer Europe, and Hyderabad will turn into the DreamHack Open Summer Asia and Oceania.

The players and talent will participate from their respective houses and DreamHack will broadcast the action from the Monster Energy DreamHack Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. DreamHack will invite four teams to join the other four that qualified for stage one and will invite six teams for stage two to join the two squads that qualified from stage one for all of the regions.

DreamHack hasn’t revealed what teams will be invited to these online tournaments, but the open qualifier and stage one details will be released in the coming weeks. So far, it’s known that DreamHack Open Summer Europe’s stage two will take place from July 2 to 5, while North America will begin after the player break from Aug. 13 to 16.

Each of the tournaments will be split into stage one and stage two. DreamHack will pay RM432K ($100,000) each for North America and Europe, and RM217K ($50,000) for both Asia and Oceania.

Here’s the full prize pool distribution for DreamHack Open Summer tournaments.

  • Europe and North America
  • Stage one
  1. Qualified
  2. Qualified
  3. RM13K ($3,000)
  4. RM13K ($3,000)
  5. RM4.3K ($1,000)
  6. RM4.3K ($1,000)
  7. RM4.3K ($1,000)
  8. RM4.3K ($1,000)
  • Stage two
  1. RM135K ($35,000)
  2. RM87K ($20,000)
  3. RM43K ($10,000)
  4. RM32K ($7,500)
  5. RM21K ($5,000)
  6. RM21K ($5,000)
  7. RM16K ($3,750)
  8. RM16K ($3,750)
  • Asia and Oceania
  • Stage one
  1. Qualified
  2. Qualified
  3. RM10K ($2,500)
  4. RM10K ($2,500)
  5. RM5.4K ($1,250)
  6. RM5.4K ($1,250)
  7. RM5.4K ($1,250)
  8. RM5.4K ($1,250)
  • Stage two
  1. RM76K ($17,500)
  2. RM43K ($10,000)
  3. RM32K ($7,500)
  4. RM21K ($5,000)

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