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The Counter-Strike Professional Players Association (CSPPA) is trying to improve its mental health program by reaching out to key members of the CS:GO community about new initiatives, the organization announced today.

This comes after the organization cited an increasing number of CS:GO players reaching out to the CSPPA about various mental health issues, such as distress, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, and substance abuse.

The CSPPA has strived to make the work environment within the Counter-Strike community sustainable, using the pros as a basis and expanding with the help of stakeholders within the community. But the organization said more needs to be done.

“CSPPA has worked to create a more sustainable working environment for professional players since its foundation,” the CSPPA said. “But we need all stakeholders of the ecosystem to collaborate, if we want to become healthier for the athletes delivering the entertainment in the game, we all love.”

With that goal in mind, the CSPPA is reaching out to teams, tournament organizers, and other important figures within the community to present changes and new initiatives for its mental health program. All of the new additions are being approved by the CSPPA board and are aimed at improving the mental health options available to pro players in the scene.

Any new additions will be added to the preexisting program, which already includes the following initiatives.

  • A mental health study conducted in collaboration with CSPPA and two leading universities.
  • A mental health hotline for CS:GO pros.
  • Ongoing assistance and advice to players who are struggling with the stress and anxieties, including facilitation of contacts to professionals in various fields.
  • Individual and group meetings with all CSPPA to collect feedback and input regarding the initiatives.

The CSPPA also affirmed that it’ll be reaching out to and engaging with all teams that have members. As of now, the organization totals 269 members across all tiers of professional CS:GO, so the player pool is substantial and should yield some positive feedback for those new initiatives.

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