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  • A question based around CS:GO appeared on a practice math exam in Vietnam which has the whole CS:GO community wracking their brains.
  • The question involves a player trying to hit the enemy with a Desert Eagle and revolves around the concept of chance and probability.
  • The final verdict by the CS:GO community was that the correct answer to the question unfortunately did not match any of the given options.

A question based around CS:GO recently appeared in a practice mathematics paper in Vietnam. The math question was based around the concept of probability and chance, leaving the CS:GO community wracking their brains as they attempted to solve it. The kids are lucky to have a brilliant math teacher who seems to be a CS:GO enthusiast as well, coming up with this interesting question where students had to guess “probability of taking down the enemy in 7 shots,” based on a set of prerequisite conditions. One thing which the community instantly pointed out was that the player in question was probably on an eco-round as he was mentioned holding a “Desert Eagle”.

Question around CS:GO appears on math exam in Vietnam

The following question recently appeared on a practice math examination in Vietnam and it has taken the CS:GO community by storm as everyone tries to come up with a solution,

“Question: A player is holding a Desert Eagle and facing an enemy. Each shot he fires has 50% chance of hitting the enemy. If the shot is accurate, there’s also a 20% chance of it being a headshot which will kill the target immediately, otherwise, it requires 3 shots to take down the enemy. What is the probability that the player takes down the enemy in 7 shots?”

The above question was originally in Vietnamese and was translated into English by ‘u/workerq1’. A lot of community members appreciated the math teacher who clearly seems to be a Counter-Strike enthusiast, for coming up with such an interesting question which more or less aligns with the actual game mechanics also.

A CS:GO math question appear in a practice math test in Vietnam. (Probability of the Desert Eagle) from r/GlobalOffensive

A lot of users came up with a solution which unfortunately did not match with any of the given options, “A. 75.625% B. 87.25% C. 85.125% D. 78.5%”. This lead to a lot of confusion, but one thing which almost everyone agreed upon was that the player in question was definitely on an eco-round as he was playing with a Desert Eagle.


Another thing everyone pointed out was that he was playing against passive bots because the opponent was not shooting back. Well, what can I say us CS:GO players do analyze everything in great detail and sometimes end up using a bit more logic than actually necessary. However, it was great to see that a question featuring CS:GO was used in a math paper in a proper manner, but I do wonder what the answer could be!

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