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  • North American player Junior loses all his CS:GO skins worth RM81,400 ($20,000) after his Steam account gets hacked.
  • Junior states that he had two-factor authentication enabled on his Steam account.
  • He claims that the hacker stole his entire CS:GO inventory after by passing ‘Steam Authenticator’.

North American CS:GO pro Paytyn “Junior” Johnson recently lost his entire CS:GO inventory worth RM81,400 ($20,000) after his Steam account got hacked despite two-factor authentication (2FA) being enabled. Though he managed to recover his account in time somehow all his skins were sent over to another account by the hacker without ‘Steam Authenticator’ asking for permission before sending over the items.

CS:GO Pro Junior Loses Skins Worth RM81,400 ($20,000)

Junior who was recently in the news as a possible candidate to join the Brazilian lineup of FURIA Esports as a replacement for Henrique “HEN1” Teles who might be on the chopping block seems to have lost all his CS:GO skins worth RM81,400 ($20,000).

As reported by Junior himself someone hacked into his Steam account on 28th November despite the player having two-factor authentication enabled on his account. He lost his entire CS:GO inventory as the hacker somehow bypassed ‘Steam Authenticator’ because according to Junior he never received any trade request notification on his registered number.

The player further explained the situation in detail stating that he woke up to news of his Steam account being hacked but he was successfully able to “logon and deauthorize the account and (also) changed every password,” but despite all this within the next five minutes “somehow all of my skins got sent through to another account without any Steam Authorization.”

Junior has claimed that his account had 2FA enabled on it which means that whenever an incoming-outgoing trade offer has to be made or any item needs to be bought and sold, the player needs to accept the same via his Steam mobile application that is registered with a particular number. This is basically what ‘Steam Authenticator’ is and according to Junior the hacker was somehow able to bypass this as he never received any such notification.

It is unclear at this point how Junior’s Steam account got hacked as the player has not given any particular reason for this but confirmation has come from his side about the successful recovery of his Steam account. It does not seem likely that he will be getting his skins back but the player has still reached out to both CS:GO and Valve for help.

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