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  • Guinness World Record attaining content creator Luke Millanta designs Cyberpunk 2077 version of CS:GO map Overpass.
  • The redesigned map called ‘Overpass 2077’ features a night-time setting with high-rise buildings surrounding the map from all sides.
  • CS:GO community loved this sci-fi themed version of Overpass and have requested the creator to redesign Train as well.

The CS:GO map Overpass is considered to be one of the most broken maps in the game due to its infamous history, full of controversial boosts and game-breaking bugs. But despite all that it continues to remain in the competitive map pool for both the professional and casual userbase. Recently, a ‘Guinness World Record’ attaining content creator Luke Millanta who goes by the name of ‘lmtlss’ on Steam made an incredible Cyberpunk 2077 version of the map called ‘Overpass 2077’. The beautiful recreation was an instant hit within the CS:GO community who have also praised his previous Cyberpunk themed maps ‘Mirage 2077’ and ‘Dust II077’.

Cyberpunk 2077 Version Of CS:GO Map Overpass

Cyberpunk 2077 might have been criticised by the gaming community for its heavily bugged gameplay which negatively impacted the user experience, but it was still a phenomenon in its own right along with being a trending meme topic for several months within the gaming community.

The game also seems to have inspired a lot of user artwork and content across various other games including CS:GO, where the talented creator Luke Millanta has managed to redesign multiple existing Counter-Strike maps based on the sci-fi theme of Cyberpunk 2077.

His latest creation ‘Overpass 2077’ is beautifully designed and the meticulous details which can be found all across the map show how much time and effort must have gone into making it. Some outstanding observations one can make from the photos of this Cyberpunk 2077 themed map are as follows,

  • The ‘Playground’ area has been specifically dimmed more than other areas to give it a sort of luminescent punk vibe. There is a pink LED strip that lines the boundary of the ‘Playground’ along with faint light being cast all around from the nearby high-rise buildings that cover the periphery of the entire map.
  • ‘Party’ area looks like quite a cozy place with yellow lighting illuminating that are which can actually be imagined as a really comfortable place to chill right outside the playground.
  • ‘Toilet’ has been given a dingy look with a pinkish glow which actually looks like a creepy place one might try to stay away from especially at night.
  • Many other features have been displayed all across the map which makes it look like something straight out of Cyberpunk. Both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ sites have been illuminated fairly well and all-important aesthetics of the map like graffiti and other art works have been maintained.
  • The night-time setting adds to the overall look of the map and is a necessity in order to make the neon lighting on the map stand out, which would otherwise fade away under normal daytime conditions.

Luke is not done yet though as he plans on creating similar Cyberpunk 2077 versions of two more CS:GO maps Train or Nuke, leaving it up to the community to decide what they want next. It will be interesting to see how those maps look with the redesign, but the one that would really interest me personally is a Vertigo remodel, which has given a shot previously but only partially.

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