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CS:GO has shipped two updates in one week for the first time in quite a while. The July 27 patch doesn’t have any new content, but it does fix some of the exploits introduced in the last update, including a “game-breaking” smoke glitch.

Two updates in one week? CS:GO players could be excused for thinking this is Christmas. While there’s no major balance changes and no operation yet, it’s still something to celebrate.

The patch isn’t inconsequential either. Valve has taken action on a smoke glitch that was uncovered just 24 hours ago, patching it out. They’ve also optimized the two new maps, Swamp and Mutiny, and changed their layouts somewhat.

“Game-breaking” smoke exploit fixed within 24 hours

Just 24 hours after a “game-breaking” smoke exploit went viral thanks to a video from Richard Lewis, the bug has been patched out of the game.

The exploit made smokes invisible for players after they threw them, although they’d go off as normal for other players. “It’s been in the game, by my estimation, the last three-four patches, probably longer,” he added.

He passed the information to Valve, and in the 24 hours since the video has gone live, the exploit is now out of the game. A miscellaneous fix that “optimized platform shader files and sound configuration files to be packed inside compressed VPK files” has nipped the problem in the bud, and trying to recreate the glitch without VAC detecting it is now impossible.

New maps Swamp and Mutiny undergo major changes

Swamp and Mutiny are the two new community-made additions to CS:GO. However, since hitting the live servers and undergoing a rigorous trial by fire, the two battlegrounds have had to go back to the drawing board somewhat.

Mutiny required a lot of optimization and rendering fixes. Valve also removed some of the map’s foliage to increase visibility in some areas, especially for green agent skins.

On Swamp, they changed the layout of the map to help the T-side. On A short, Valve increased the lighting and made it easier to peek angles when entering onto the site. Over on B, Valve added some new box stacks to stop players from hiding on site in pre and post-plant situations.

You can find the full patch notes.

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